Vitaly Chegarovsky disclosed details of the 2018 Red Fox Adventure Race

Vitaly Chegarovsky disclosed details of the 2018 Red Fox Adventure Race

The designer of next year’s Red Fox Adventure Race, Vitaly Chegarovsky, disclosed details of the course: As always the distance will be a cool mix of killer stages, very hard for common people but desirable for multisport competitors. They include biking, kayaking, running, and swimming stages through forests infested with fallen trees, rock obstacles, rushing rivers, cold lakes, reed choked shallows, voracious mosquitoes, abandoned catacombs, kayak portages, and mind numbing fatigue from sleepless days.

The motto of the race “Test your limits!” will not just be a catchy slogan. Even for those who are “proven” the route will be a challenge and they must “prove it again!”

Here are the details! Located on the Karelian Isthmus, around the Vuoksi, a calm, serene river amidst wide lakes with green islands or small lakes chained together with fast-flowing creeks. Where there are no creeks connecting lakes racers must portage with kayaks on their shoulders. And yes, there will be routes through the shallows choked with reeds. On one of the lakes, which few will reach, there will be an extra secret stage.

Forests will be dense with underbrush, or widely space with large and small rocks; one, two, three, four, five, even more than six meters high. The best places for check points (CP’s) are, of course, on top. Reaching them requires bouldering skills, and sometimes swimming just to reach them.

Roads will be smooth and fast, slow and winding, hilly and bumpy. There may or may not be bridges over rivers, but you’ll need to reach the far side in any case.

A unique part will include routes near abandoned military assets, including a 15-minute underground stage – a journey to another world.

As in past years, routes will be extremely intense, requiring fast transitions with unusual CPs.

The Short course includes 10 basic stages, where athletes will travel about 130 km by bike, 30 km by kayak and 30 km on foot.
The Long course will cover more than 160 km by bike, 80 km by kayak, 25 km on rollers and 25 km on foot.

Participants of the Short course will start with the kayaking stage, while athletes of the Long course will start the race on in-line skates!

All the routes start from one center. There will be mandatory routes that need to be passed in a predetermined order, with extra CPs that can be passed randomly for a higher score.

We are waiting for your team! Get ready to experience the extreme in 24 or 48 hour doses.

And to those who think they have seen everything in the Karelian Isthmus, the race organizers give a wry smile and say: “Behold, the old has become new!”