"I've survived!" Video about AR European Championship 2017 – the Red Fox Adventure Race 2017

"I've survived!" Video about AR European Championship 2017 – the Red Fox Adventure Race 2017

One of the most outstanding Russian non-stop extreme races, the XVI Red Fox Adventure Race powered by Polartec®, took place from June 9th to 13th in the Karelia region on the shores of Ladoga Lake. And for the first time ever the Adventure Race European Championship for 2017 (AREC 2017) was hosted in Russia.

A record number of participants – 508 athletes from 14 countries: Russia, Australia, Belarus, Denmark, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia took part in the 2017 Red Fox Adventure Race!

25 professional teams of four racers competed in the AREC2017. As participants of the AREuroseries, and the ARWS series races, they are experienced athletes with a healthy, long standing rivalry.

The race is set in the beautiful Karelian peninsula with routes requiring skill, determination, and to survive a distance of hundreds of kilometers - endurance. In the final stages the competition between the Russian-Ukrainian, Latvian-Estonian and Swedish teams reached a fever pitch with an unforgettable win by the MDK RUSSIA-UKRAIN ADVENTURE TEAM!

We thank the racers for these exciting, emotional competitions and all the organizers, judges and volunteers for hosting this unique, extreme race, safely!

We thank everyone who kept in top of this event, supported the teams, and posted last minute news! Special thanks to the SleepMonsters for their interesting reports about the race!

We thank general race partner Polartec LLC!

And, of course, we thank representatives of the AREuroseries for the opportunity to hold the AR European Championship in Russia within the Red Fox Adventure Race!

Congratulations to all athletes who crossed the finish line under the motto «I've survived!»

We eagerly await your return next year at the 2018 Red Fox Adventure Race! You are welcome! Test your limits!